What to put on a business card for small business?

Picture your business card as a miniature billboard traversing the concrete jungle of networking events. It shouts your presence without shouting your name. Less is not just more, it’s memorable.

Imagine a bakery owner’s card adorned with a single, delicate sugar flower, crafted from the finest Belgian chocolate. No words, just pure, edible artistry. It speaks volumes about their meticulous attention to detail and irresistible treats.

Or, a graphic designer’s card, stark white with a single, vibrant brushstroke exploding across its center. A silent testament to their bold creativity and ability to transform emptiness into brilliance.

Your card should be a taste, a scent, a whisper of your brand essence. Let it pique curiosity, not drown it in details. Let its design echo your values, its texture hint at your story. Because in the end, a business card isn’t just a contact, it’s an invitation to discover the world you create.