CNA Insurance Alternative

CNA Insurance Alternative

You’re a California small business owner. You’re busy building your dream, hustling every day, and insurance feels like another box to tick. But here’s the thing: the right insurance is your cape – protecting you from the unexpected villain that could threaten everything you’ve built.

That’s where 18 Insurance comes in. We’re not your average insurance company (looking at you, CNA). We’re a team of Californians who understand the unique challenges California businesses face. We speak your language, not corporate jargon. We don’t just sell policies; we take the time to understand your business, your risks, and your goals.

We get the earthquake drills, the wildfire worries, and the ever-changing regulations. We have experience crafting policies specifically for Californian risks, so you know you’re covered for what matters most. CNA might be a big national company, but are their policies built for the specific challenges California throws your way?

A cookie-cutter policy won’t do. CNA might offer a one-size-fits-all approach, but at 18 Insurance, we tailor policies to your business. Bakery? We won’t cover you for construction risks. Tech startup? We’ll focus on data breach protection. We make sure you have the right coverage, not a bunch of extras you don’t need.

A disaster strikes, a lawsuit hits – that’s when you see the true colors of an insurance company. CNA might leave you navigating a maze of paperwork. At 18 Insurance, we’ll be by your side, advocating for you and helping you navigate the claims process. We won’t disappear when things get tough.

Forget the insurance jargon and legalese. We explain things in plain English, so you understand exactly what you’re covered for and why. No more feeling like you need a decoder ring to understand your policy.

We believe in your California dream. We’re here to help you grow and thrive.  We offer risk management services to help you prevent problems before they happen. We can even connect you with other California business resources. CNA might just see you as a policy number, but at 18 Insurance, you’re part of the family.