How much does it cost to start a small business?

The price tag of your entrepreneurial dream depends less on a magic number and more on its flavor. A bakery might need ovens that would make a rocket scientist blush, while a dog-walking service might start with a comfy pair of shoes and a leash.

Think lemonade stand: low setup, but your profit hinges on thirsty customers and a strategic corner. Now imagine a tech startup: coding whizzes, fancy servers, and marketing that could rival Hollywood. The initial investment rockets up, but so does the potential reach.

Remember, even million-dollar businesses often start small. Jeff Bezos sold books out of his garage before Amazon took over the world. So, the real question is: what’s your business idea, and how resourceful can you get? With a good plan and a sprinkle of creativity, you might be surprised how far you can stretch your starting budget.